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  • <b>Double-head four-position automatic toothbrush packaging mac</b>
    Double-head four-position automatic toothbrush packaging mac

    Model: CR-SZP-20KW~30KW Scope of application: This machine is applicable to double-sided blister packaging and blister carton packaging of toothbrushes dental flosses electronic products gifts and daily necessities. Features: 1. This mac...[Details]

  • <b>Double-head automatic turntable type plastic box processing</b>
    Double-head automatic turntable type plastic box processing

    Model: CR-SZC-10KW~35KW Scope of application: formation of indented plastic boxes made of transparent materials (e.g. PVC APET PETG and GAG). This machine is widely applied in industries of high-end cosmetics daily necessities gift pac...[Details]

  • <b>Four-position automatic HF machine</b>
    Four-position automatic HF machine

    The equipment is particularly advantageous for the production process in which the mold and material must be accurately aligned. Suitable for all kinds of plastic welding occasions such as double-sided blister packaging blister card packaging plast...[Details]

  • <b>Simultaneous Welding/Cutting Machine</b>
    Simultaneous Welding/Cutting Machine

    It integrates high frequency welding and material cutting into one process. Thus high efficiency and labor saving are realized and the quality of the product is increased as well. (materials such as PVC PETG TPU and PU synthetic leather)...[Details]

  • <b>High-frequency membrane butt fusion machine</b>
    High-frequency membrane butt fusion machine

    Scope of application: This machine is suitable for butt fusion of composite membrane materials (e.g. PVDF PVF PTFE and ETFE). It is applied in buildings with aerated membrane structures tensile membrane structures and skeleton membrane s...[Details]

  • <b>Machine --- Gantry 4 Press Units Pillar Type</b>
    Machine --- Gantry 4 Press Units Pillar Type

    It is mainly used to the welding and molding of PVC (or PVC contained) products with large area and machining of embossm-ent such as inflatable packer water bed gas charging sofa swimming pool inflat-able ship inner decoration of car...[Details]

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